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I just love your products!!! I can't use anything else any more., Sara G., Colorado Springs, CO

 I LOVE your products. You and your products have made me a customer for life! Thank you for making quality items. Kathleen S., Ballwin, MO

Everyone in my family loves your lip balms! The flavor choices are wonderful, especially the pumpkin cheesecake! It is the only kind I use
and I stock up at Christmas. My daughters like the chocolate. Thank you so much for a great product! Heather C., Raleigh, NC

My mom, 95 year old grandma, and 15 year old daughter are looking forward to this stocking stuffer.  
And I am simply addicted to them. No other lip balm will do! Stella B., Candler, NC

I absolutely love Oh WoW!  I am very much a creature of habit and I'm incredibly picky so I have used the same brand of chapstick for more than 20 years.
My best friend 
found Oh WoW! in North Carolina and insisted that I try it. Of course, i was skeptical but I immediately loved it.
I am chronically applying chapstick all year round but have found that I don't have to do so as frequently with Oh WoW!.
It provides moisture that lasts for hours. I love the fruit flavors and that the scent isn't at all overwhelming.
My best friend has always brought it back from NC or ordered it online for a number of us in Illinois but I finally placed my first order.
This is a phenomenal product that I highly recommend. Jenna F., Pekin, IL

Great product + great customer service = HAPPY customer! Thanks so much! Julianne, Baltimore, MD 

I love, love your cuticle cream! Best that I have tried. Elaine F,, Raleigh, NC

I purchased a 3 flavor pack of balm and 2 cuticle cremes from you at NC Azalea Festival. Lovvvvve the products. Candy G., Conway, SC

Love Oh WoW! I use no other lip balm/chapstick on my lips since I met you. A. Hays, VA

I enjoy your products so much! Your product was a life saver for my sister in law also. Her daughter this winter has had a tough time with severe chapped lips... she said that Wow for lips is the only thing that she has used that has actually made a difference. It has truly been a wonderful find for us. A. Padgett, Anderson, SC

I cannot say enough good things about Oh Wow! I have a tube that I bought over a year ago and have used every last bit I can scrape out of the tube
and that was the first tube that I have carried with me to its very end in my entire life. I have bought many, many lip glosses to try to find something as good,
but regardless of how much I spend, Oh Wow's products are FAR superior. The flavors are fantastic. You really do smell, but not taste them.
It is the softest lip gloss I have EVER used. I'm also happy to see that Oh Wow donates to Zach's Toy Chest which benefits children undergoing cancer treatment
at UNC, Duke, and ECU's hospitals. Thank you for such a fantastic product! Shay O., Russellville, KY

 I was ... devastated when it accidently went through the washing machine... it is the best chapstick, without a doubt, Hannah C., Burlson, TX

My boyfriend and I love this lip balm! Every time I use it, it starts to work instantly. The name says it all!, Britton W., Raleigh NC

I wear it ALL the time and use nothing else. After using (Oh) Wow, there is no going back to traditional lip balm, nothing measures up!, Terri, Durham, NC

I'm sold! I was amazed to see my faded lipstick come back to life after applying Oh WoW! Judy Ziboukh of Borasha JudyZiboukh.com.

I bought your strawberry lip balm from Chrstamastown in Williamsburg today. Just wanted to tell you that I really enjoy your product! I love how my lips don't have a waxy feel to them after applying the balm and absolutely adore how I can't taste any residue either. Just wanted to let you know I enjoy your product.Great job! ~ Lacey, Richmond, VA

I've been using Oh Wow premium lip balms for over a year now. What a wonderful product! It's so smooth and creamy with all natural ingredients. The flavors are many and very hard to choose as each one is unique. You can smell the flavors yet you don't taste them on your lips. You'll end up buying more than one for this reason alone. Lori is a joy to work with and will let you sample any flavor you like. Eleanor Davin, Wilmington, NC www.davinstudios.com

My grandfather was in and out of the hospital for years before his passing. Each time, he was on a high dose of oxygen - which made his lips chapped. He was miserable. We were told that he couldn't use chapstick because all chapsticks have some petroleum added. The petroleum is flammable and his face could either spark or light on fire from exposure to the oxygen. Yikes!. Another story: My grandmother is currently in the hospital... She is on a high dose of oxygen and her lips WOULD BE sore if she didn't have your lip balm. I brought it in especially for her knowing that there is no petroleum and that she wouldn't light her face on fire! The nurses were impressed and said she could have unlimited access to it throughout the day. She holds on to it... Just having it in her hand makes her feel comfortable. ~ Tammy F., Eau Claire, WI

I was at the dentist today, and kept my Oh Wow in my hand, and probably used it 10 times during my cleaning! I can't stand how latex gloves dry my lips out, so, Oh WOW to the rescue!! ~ John R., Raleigh, NC

I LOVE Oh WoW! so much, it is the only lip balm I use anymore. Everything else now seems too heavy and waxy. Thank you for a great product :) I used to live in Apex and first bought one of your lip balms a few years ago ...Since then ... my mom has kept me stocked by giving it to me for my birthday and Christmas. It is by far my favorite lip stuff. Can't wait for the new flavors! ~ Kacie R., Atlanta, GA

My husband purchased an assortment of Oh Wow Lip Balms for me for a gift last year. I was very happy with the current chapstick I was using so didn't try the Oh Wow for quite awhile. Boy was I missing out! I started using Oh Wow and was amazed at the difference. I didn't realize how much of a waxy feel my other chapstick left on my lips until I used again after using Oh Wow for a few days. I love Oh Wow and have thrown out all my other chapsticks. I have Oh WoW! everywhere - in the bathroom, in the kitchen, on the end table, you name it. I love the feel and the scents of Oh Wow! ~ Tina Wilson, Co-Owner Gaston's Garage

  I really love Oh Wow chapsticks. I kept saying "oh wow","oh wow"! great name! great lady! GREAT LIP BALM! I bought 10 or 12 tubes of OH WoW! for Christmas gifts for my friends. Thanks sincerely for a fantastic lip balm that is out of this world!! ~ Becky M., Charlotte, NC

I love your lip balm! I used to use ***** **** 24/7 but since I tried Oh Wow! lip balm I refuse to use anything else. I am truly a chapstick freak I would put chapstick on at least every hour. Since I have started to use Oh WoW! I don't have to put it on half  as much. I have told everyone about your lip balm. I just love it! ~ Hannah, Youngsville, NC    

I have Chocolate "Oh Wow" in my purse, near by bedside and where I sit and sew. The best I have ever put on my lips! ~ Julie M., Apex, NC

I stopped at the stall on my way out of the Wilmington Riverfest and so glad I did. When I need lip balm I always reach for one. I still have old lip balms sitting around but I no longer use them. My lips are so soft and it doesn't need to be reapplied so often. For a product to stay in my makeup bag, it has to work and be better than others I have used. My favourite is the creamsicle. Thanks for making such a a great product. ~  Lindsay, Cambridge, United Kingdom

I love the Creamsicle and Raspberry flavors - nice and light! ~ Susie H., Raleigh, NC

Your Oh WoW! lip balm is the best over all other products out on the market. I love your fruity flavors!!! Thanks for a great product and continue great success.
Lisa T., Cary, NC

I first purchased your product @ spring daze in Cary & i LOVE it. will never use anything else! ~ JARI S., Raleigh, NC

I love your lip balm! I had a chance to try the mint chocolate and it is WONDERFUL!!! Your Chi Tea flavor is great too:) I also like the fact that your lip balm is made of cocoa butter and not bees wax-it feels great when I put it on. Thank you for such a kissably great product:) ~ Elisha B., Raleigh, NC

I recently found your product in a store... and I am thrilled to see a beauty product for vegetarians, let alone vegans (that is made locally). I cannot thank you enough for supporting the vege community and providing such a lip balm that really works. Congrats and much success. Thank you, ~ Caitlin P., Cary, NC

When we were at the beach last week my lips were wind-burned ---I started looking for my Oh WoW!(TM) lip balm, and much to my dismay I was out -- I used something the dermatologist had suggested, and it only made it worse..KUDOS to Oh WoW!(TM)!!! ~ Gloria, J., Brown Summit, NC

I think of you every night when I put on Oh WoW!(TM) before I slip into bed. Erin S.~ Raleigh, NC

 The name says it all! I had the Mint Chocolate and as soon as I tried it on, it tasted exactly like the Thin Mint Girl Scout cookies! It was great!
Tara-Lyn R., North Myrtle Beach, SC

 I tried the Pina Colada flavor and it was pure paradise. I thougth I was in the islands. All I needed was a Jimmy Buffet track and beach cabana.
Teresa M., Southern Pines, NC

I have tried several and Oh WoW!(TM) goes on smoothly and richly. Very appropriately named. ~ Cecile S., Chapel Hill, NC

 Oh WoW!(TM) is a great for prevention and cure for chapped lips. Great flavor experience with subtle flavors. The kids love it, too! ~ Kathy M., Cary, NC

               I first bought your lip balm last year and had to come back for more  this year. I have given several away as gifts all over the U.S. and now my friends are wanting to know where I got it. I have passed along your website. My favorite is the orange creme, (creamsicle) yum, good enough to eat! ~ Laura S., Garner, NC

Simple name - Says it all. ~ Michelle K., Holly Springs, NC

The new flavor peppermint is unrivaled. The name says it all, Oh WoW!(TM) is the best. ~ Andrew C., Cary, NC

I began using Oh WoW(TM) in the hospital while on cancer medications. My lips dried out terribly. Oh WoW!(TM) made the biggest difference. Thank you!
Doris K., Greensboro, NC

I purchased the chocolate mint and peach balms ... and I'm in love with both. I'm a huge lip balm fan and yours is the best I've used. ~ Jodie D., Raleigh, NC

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