We are great for:

Wedding, Shower, Bachelorette & Confirmation Favors, Special Packaging

Treating Yourself to something new or Just to say "Thank You"        

Tweens & Teens - girls & boys  ~  Someone with Braces jump for joy (they have very dry lips!)

Teachers, Preachers or other well known creatures  ~  Last Minute Gifts

           Husband's (put in their pockets)  ~  Coaches, Trainers & Referees
     Those Who Like Natural Products (unflavored, peppermint & eucalyptus          

Grandparents     ~     Cousins     ~     Aunts     ~      Uncles

Neighbors     ~      Babysitters     ~     Pet Sitters     ~     College Students     ~     Mail Carrier     ~     Package Delivery Persons

Sports Fans     ~     Outdoorsmen     ~     Hunters (unflavored)     ~     Athletes     ~      Sunbathers     ~     Boat Enthusiasts

Class Room Party Gifts     ~     Valentine's Day     ~     Mother's Day

when making a gift basket remember to add Oh WoW!(R)

Any day... any occasion