15 TEMPTING FLAVORS^          Twitter logo 

Cherry+ Pineapple Tangerine Citrus Blast+*
Peppermint** Bananas Foster Vanilla+
Coconut Island Delight Strawberry
Margarita Pomegranate+ Creamsicle
Lemon Sorbet+  Unflavored Eucalyptus**

*Citrus Blast is lemon, lime and orange - may remind you of Skittles or Starbursts

LIP TIP: When wearing lipstick and your color begins to fade,
instead of reapplying your lipstick,
apply Oh WoW! and watch your color perk!
Yep, you will say Oh WoW! 

  ~ Coming Soon: Lavender Vanilla, Bubble Gum

^Special flavorings are used so you smell the flavor, not taste it.
This diminishes the impulse to lick your lips, allowing Oh WoW!® to work its magic for a longer duration.

**peppermint & eucalyptus contain essential oils ~ peppermint offers a mild tingle in our peppermint and mint chocolate balms, preferred by our users.

+ organic flavor used                         ^Our chocolate balms are made with premium milk chocolate